Swede Dahlin takes over biathlon's corruption-hit federation

Anders Besseberg's tenure at the helm of biathlon's ruling body came to a corruption-tainted end in April

Sweden's Olle Dahlin was on Friday elected president of biathlon's ruling body the IBU which has been battered by a damaging doping and corruption scandal.

Dahlin takes over from Anders Besseberg, who headed the International Biathlon Union from its inception in 1993 until this April.

The Norwegian was forced to resign amid accusations contained in an internal World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) report that Russia had attempted to buy the silence of biathlon chiefs to ensure that no proceedings would be opened against Russian athletes with suspicious biological passports.

Besseberg, 72, is suspected of covering up 65 positive tests since 2011 involving 17 of the 22 Russians cleared to compete at last season's World Cup series.

"The main goal of the corruption is to protect doped Russian athletes," concluded the WADA report dated late 2017.

It led to Austrian police raiding the IBU's Salzburg-based headquarters.

Besseberg denies any wrongdoing, as does former IBU general secretary Nicole Resch, who is also accused of accepting Russian bribes.

In Friday's election Dahlin, who had served as Besseberg's vice-president for the past four years, received 39 votes with 12 going to his Latvian rival, Baiba Broka.

Also Friday the IBU maintained Russia's provisional membership status which they were reduced to last December following WADA's claims of state-sponsored doping.

Four Russian biathletes, three of whom are already retired, are accused of "violating anti-doping regulations", the embattled IBU disclosed last month.