‘Sweetest baby in the world’ melts mom’s heart when he tells her exactly how much he loves her

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This lovable toddler was dubbed the “sweetest baby in the world” by TikTok.

When kids are very young and just learning to express themselves, it’s almost like they have no filter yet. Whatever comes into their head, they’re prone to say out loud, for better or worse. When a child says something harsh, it can sting, but when they say something kind, it can move you to tears.

TikTok mom Christina Weiss has three children, but her cherub-cheeked son Jensen is known for his loving presence.

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“Mommy, I love you,” Jensen said, out of nowhere, to his mom during playtime.

“I love you, too,” she replied.

“Thank you! You’re so nice to me!” he declared.

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But this kind of exchange is nothing new for Jensen. Back in 2021, he went viral for telling his mama he was “proud” of her for cleaning his room.

“This child makes my heart overflow with love! This world needs him,” someone wrote.

“The sweetest baby in the world,” a user said.

“I just want to put a bubble around him, so this cruel world never changes his sweet disposition! He is so adorable!” another commented.

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