Swift inspired by prom

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift used to wear huge dresses because she missed all her proms.

The country singer started writing and performing from a young age, meaning she didn't have the regular high school experience.

Now, at 23, the star realises her lack of fancy balls as a teenager influenced some of her more extravagant red carpet choices, such as her frilly gold gown at the 2007 CMA Awards.

"I started walking red carpets when I was 16. I think since I missed prom so many times, I would wear prom-like dresses. Princessy, pastels…" she laughed to Yahoo! Shine.

"I can't remember a specific one; I just see them all as a blur."

Her style has transformed over the years and at last night's CMA Awards, the pretty blonde wore an elegant red Elie Saab number as she picked up her Pinnacle prize.

Taylor has even fallen in love with some outfits she never thought she'd wear.

"I remember the first time my stylist brought in a pair of high-waisted shorts. I was like, 'Oh, what is that? No! Get it away from me!' And then I put a pair on and I was like, 'I love this!' I ended up wearing them onstage all the time," she giggled.

Taylor doesn't like to give fashion tips as it makes her feel "bossy", but thinks it's best when people steer clear of fleeting trends such as "neon and spikes".

Rather than dishing out advice, she likes to look at what other girls are wearing.

"I always like what Lena [Dunham] wears, because it's always so her," she gushed.

"She knows how to dress in a way that represents her personality. It's so perfect, because she's just being herself with her fashion choices, and I think that's my favourite thing. It's very brave to showcase who you are by what you wear."

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