Switzerland wins Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Nemo has won Eurovision song contest 2024
Nemo has won Eurovision song contest 2024

Malmö, Sweden, served as the venue for the grand finale of the 68th International Eurovision Song Contest, where the winner was decided, along with the country that will host Eurovision 2025, on May 11-12. 

Eurovision 2024

The Eurovision 2024 grand final unfolded in Malmö, showcasing performances from 25 participating countries. However, the tally was one less than expected as the Netherlands, represented by Joost Klein, faced disqualification on the final day. The decision came following an incident subsequent to Sweden's performance in the second semifinal. Consequently, the grand final spotlighted 19 finalists from the semifinals, in addition to the five founding countries of the competition — the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France — along with the host nation, Sweden.

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Winner of Eurovision 2024 — Switzerland — Nemo

After tallying votes from both national juries and the public, Switzerland emerged victorious in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Nemo, a non-binary individual, clinched the title with their song 'The Code,' marking a historic moment as the first non-binary winner in Eurovision history. Nemo, who prefers the pronouns they/them, amassed 365 points from national jury votes and 226 points from the audience vote, totaling an impressive 591 points.

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From the stage, Nemo expressed gratitude, stating, "I want to say thank you. I hope that this victory will pave the way for peace and freedom for every individual worldwide," as they accepted the crystal microphone.

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Additionally, Nemo and their song garnered two prestigious Eurovision awards. They were honored with the Marcel Bezanson Prize, a professional accolade bestowed upon Eurovision participants. Nemo clinched this award in two categories simultaneously: the Artistic Award, recognizing artistic achievement as voted by commentators, and the Composers' Award, celebrating the best and most original composition for their song "The Code."

NEMO's performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Grand Final

Sweden hosted the 68th International Eurovision Song Contest following singer Loreen's victory with the song "Tatoo" in 2023, marking her second Eurovision win. Her initial triumph occurred in 2012 with the song 'Euphoria.' This marked Sweden's seventh time hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite the anticipation of 37 participating countries, the Netherlands faced disqualification during the grand final.

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In the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, Ukraine was represented by Ukrainian singers Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil with their song "Teresa & Maria." This song emerged victorious in the National Selection for Eurovision 2024, earning them the opportunity to represent Ukraine on the international stage.

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