Syafiq Kyle doesn't want to talk about cancelled wedding anymore



18 Sep – Syafiq Kyle recently stated that everything has been resolved between him and Mimi Lana and that he has nothing else to say about it.

The actor, whose wedding to the model-actress was cancelled without any explanation last month, thank everybody who express their concern over the two of them, but stressed that he would rather not say anything about their status, or whether or not they are still engaged.

"I hope this issue will not be discussed anymore since it involves many parties. I respect both parties and this issue has already been resolved peacefully between me and Mimi," he said.

Syafiq and Mimi were supposed to tie the knot on 18 August, with their wedding to be held at the Puncak Rimba, Bentong. However, not a week before the event, it was revealed that the two parties have relayed to family and friends, including Syafiq's nephew Nabil Aqil that the wedding will not go through as scheduled.

"For now, we would like to just focus on family and work. I hope there will be no follow up to this [issue]," he added.

The actor is currently busy promoting his new movie, "Doh", where he plays a man who finds himself inheriting his father's bakery and competing with a more popular rival bakery opened in the same area.


Syafiq and Mimi were supposed to get married last month
Syafiq and Mimi were supposed to get married last month


(Photo Source: Syafiq Kyle IG, Mimi Lana IG)