Syiah followers who were arrested last week practised deviant teaching

Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah

KOTA BARU: More than 40 Syiah followers including their head who were arrested by the religious authority last week practiced zikir and recited ‘selawat’ for the Prophet different to those done by Muslims in the country.

Kelantan Islamic Affairs and Religious Department (JAHEAIK) director Datuk Che Mohd Rahim Jusoh said the department detected their act which was against Islamic teaching in a raid at Jalan Sri Cemerlang here on the night of Merdeka Day.

He said besides reciting the zikir using weird words, they also read religious books and flyers which were not allowed by the religious authority.

He said more than 100 Syiah followers including their head were identified to be active in the state. “There are about 100 Syiah followers in this state who have been active, doing their movement secretly and we believe they have been influenced to join the group by certain individuals.

“The Syiah activity in the state is under control as the department monitors the situation regularly. However, it is JAHEAIK’s responsibility to ensure the people in the state are not disturbed by this kind of deviant teaching,”he told NSTP here today.

Che Mohd Rahim said JAHEAIK would hold a gathering with the Syiah followers including the head and his senior men as soon as possible. “The meeting will be closed-door and is aimed to educate them on the true Islamic teaching and bring them to the right path,”he said. Che Mohd Rahim said he also believed besides Kota Baru, the group also existed in Kuala Krai and Tumpat.

“It is possible they tried to recruit Thai people to join the group but we are still investigated this,”he said.

NSTP in its recent report stated that a division head of a political party suspected of heading a Syiah group in the state was believed to be among more than 40 individuals who were arrested by JAHEAIK last Thursday.

The 65-year-old and the rest were arrested in an operation at Jalan Sri Cemerlang here. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd