Syndicates targeting students with synthetic drugs costing RM1 to RM5

Husna Alias, Luqman Arif Abdul Karim

KUALA LUMPUR: Drug syndicates are selling synthetic drugs to primary and secondary school students for as little as RM1 to RM 5.

“The synthetic drugs come in a package with ubat cuci, which is usually prescribed by medical practitioners for treating urinary symptoms,” said chief assistant director of the Education Ministry’s school management division health, intervention and hostel management sector Nadzman Radzaly.

“The function of this ubat cuci is to eliminate the evidence of drug intake, mostly to blur the results of urine tests” he said at a talk titled ‘Akauntabiliti Guru Dalam Memerangi Ancaman Dadah’ hosted by the Malaysian Institute of Integrity today.

“Form Four and Five students are likely to take these synthetic drugs. It is difficult to tackle this problem because the majority of transactions take place outside school premises,“ he said, adding that the schools needed to focus on the Drug Prevention Education (PDDa) module, which would provide knowledge, awareness and skills to prevent drug addiction among students.

“The implementations of PPDa in every school is important to boost awareness about the dangers and consequences of drug use,” he said today.

“Studies have found that the students who are at risk of drug use are mostly those with family problems.”

A total of 70 primary school teachers and 100 secondary school teachers from the Klang Valley attended the talk.

The talk was organised by the Malaysian Institute of Integrity, Malaysian Drug Prevention Association and Education Ministry. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd