Syria introduces new reforms with 10,000 jobs

Indo Asian News Service

Damascus, May 13 (IANS) Reflecting its determination to push forward reforms, Syria introduced a new package of reforms while the government troops ended its mission in the central province of Homs, Xinhua reported Thursday.

Syrian Prime Minister Adel Safar has established a new programme to employ 10,000 university graduates annually at government institutions, Syria's official news agency SANA reported Thursday.

Safar has also decided to form a committee to prepare a new law for general elections. It will finish its work within two weeks after reviewing Arab and foreign elections laws, according to SANA.

'This committee was instructed to prepare a new general election law within 15 days,' Habash said.

Syria has been wracked by protests calling for reform and freedom for nearly two months.

To quell protest, the Syrian government lifted a state of emergency, which had been imposed since 1963 that allowed police to arrest people without warrants and imprison them without trial.

The ruling Baath party also agreed to allow other political parties to involve in Syrian politics , and lifted media restrictions.

Meanwhile, the local al-Watan newspaper said Thursday the army has pulled out from the province of Homs after the completion of its mission, seizing a large amount of weapons.