Syura Council to consider motion to end ties with PKR: Pas Ulama wing chief


ALOR STAR: Pas Syura Council will need some time to deliberate on the motion passed by Pas delegates calling for the party leadership to sever its 'tahaluf siyasi' (political cooperation) with PKR.

Its Ulama wing chief Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamad said the council will need to carefully evaluate all aspects on the existing cooperation with PKR before making up its mind on the issue.

"When we (Ulama wing) came up with a suggestion to sever ties with DAP, the Syura Council also took some time before coming to a decision to part ways with the party.

"The same goes with the motion to cut ties with PKR, I believe that the Council will make the right decision for the party, although it has been two years since this issue was raised," he said.

As such, he urged party delegates to give the Syura Council and party leadership some space to weigh and study the motion.

Yesterday, 1,200 national Pas delegates unanimously passed a motion to cut ties with PKR, after all the party's three wing - Ulama, Muslimat and Youth passed the same motion.