New T-shirt promotes better posture

Neda Naef, founder of UpCouture Paris, came up with the idea of a T-shirt that would encourage people to keep their shoulders straight as she observed some of her friends and family.

A shoulder support system built into the t-shirt

Thanks to an internationally patented elastic resistance mechanism -- which works simply through arm movements -- the Up T-shirt aligns your shoulders and makes you sit better. 

The brand's first model, Lara Micheli (who has also modeled for Paris-based brand The Kooples), has already backed the innovative t-shirt.

A discreet design

The Up T-shirt, made in France out of 100 percent organic cotton, has a simple fitted cut so that it can be easily worn with a range of outfits and accessories. There are separate versions for men and women and six colors to choose from.  

Retail price: €127