Tablo withdraws lawsuit

Tablo withdraws lawsuit

21 May – It was revealed that Korean-Canadian rapper and singer Tablo will be withdrawing his lawsuit against two of the members of Tajinyo.

According to Allkpop, during the sixth defamation trial against eleven members of Tajinyo that took place at the Seoul Central District Court on 18 May, Tablo revealed that he would be withdrawing his lawsuits against two of the eleven members. He claimed that their outcries were relatively weak compared to the others, and that their attacks were not aimed at his family.

The prosecutor further explained that what Tablo wanted was not punishment, but a declaration of truth from the court. However, the lawsuit for nine of the members will be amended with the addition of contempt charges on the existing lawsuit.

The Tajinyo ("We Demand the Truth from Tablo") case first started in 2010, when Tablo was being questioned about his education. He claimed that he attended Stanford University, completed his BA in English in 3 and a half years, and also finished his MA, but some believed these claims to be false.

The netizens' doubt manifested into an online forum entitled "We Request the Truth from Tablo" (shortened into 'TaJinYo'). Stanford registrar Thomas Black, Professor Tobias Wollf and his new wife, actress Kang Hye-Jung, were also being harassed and criticised.

In June 2010, Tablo sent his academic transcripts to be published in the JoonAng Daily and Black issued an official letter to relinquished doubts of Tablo's enrolment in Stanford. However, TaJinYo persisted, and accused Tablo of identity theft instead. Tablo then filed a lawsuit against his attackers.