Tablo's defamation case delayed

Tablo's defamation case delayed

19 Mar – It was revealed that Tablo's trial with the group Tajinyo ended in ten minutes due to lack of documentary evidence.

Allkpop website reported that Tablo's defamation case against the online group continued after they stood trial at Seoul's Central District Court. However, the court ended the trial as the documents requested from overseas have yet to arrive.

Both sides were then given two months to prepare before the trial ensues on 18 May.

As a recap, "Tajinyo" - also known as "I Request the Truth from Tablo," asked Stanford University for formal evidence that Tablo was enrolled in the University along with proof of his diploma.

The court previously requested for the documents last year but the law courts in the U.S. revealed that the process could take at least six months. Both sides were supposed to meet in December of last year, but due to the delay in the documents, it was moved to 16 March.