Taiwanese duo jailed for acting as money mules for international syndicate

Hannah Teoh
Senior Content Producer
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    Singapore a haven for money laundering and scams it seems. Sorry for my suspicions. But yes I believe it is my duty to highlight this issue.
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    Mastermind very difficult to catch
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    As usual, only catch the small flies that are being made use of. But not capable to catch the real mastermind. SPF standard
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    Money Face
    I though these 2 are brothers from their name and age but was surprised to find that they are unrelated.
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    These are mules, go after the mastermind for God sake.
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    See how insidious the PRC effect is on Taiwan these days where even the local Taiwanese are aghast how many of their fellow countrymen are running scam operations across the globe operating mainly from 3rd world corrupt countries.
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    Looks like a lot of money are being collected in the scam. Really people are so gullible in SG? Oh wait. They are not called Daft by their leaders for no reason.