Taiwanese filmmaker and novelist Giddens Ko removes Facebook status after internet user links it to his cheating scandal

Sylvia Looi
Taiwanese novelist and filmmaker Giddens Ko was forced to remove a status on his Facebook page after an internet user linked it to his cheating scandal with a news anchor years ago. — Picture from Instagram/giddens9

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 — Taiwanese novelist and filmmaker Giddens Ko was left red-faced when a status update on his Facebook page had one of his followers relate it to Ko’s scandal with a Taiwanese news anchor five years ago.

Sin Chew Daily reported that Ko had uploaded the status recently where he criticised those who uploaded pictures of them having a meal.

“Do not understand what these people are thinking,” he wrote.

One internet user replied on the post that those who post the pictures are having their meals openly.

“Unlike some who hide themselves to eat,” wrote the user, linking it to Ko’s controversy with the news anchor.

The status was later removed by Ko.

Ko, who uses the pen name Jiubadao,  had in October 2014 admitted to cheating on his long-time girlfriend, Xiao Nei after being photographed entering a motel with Chou Ting Yu.

The pair got married in 2017.

Meanwhile, many Hong Kong internet users, took the status as Ko supporting the protesters and praised him.

Ko had been voicing his support for protesters in Hong Kong on his social media.

In a November 19 update, Ko wrote he respected those who stood at the front lines.

“I respect keyboard warriors who encourage others. You guys are braver that heroes in novels,” he wrote.

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