Taiwanese get creative making DIY raincoats for dogs that could be mistaken for torture

Taiwanese get creative making DIY raincoats for their dogs. (Photo: Getty Images)

Many pet owners would bring their furry kid out for walks every day. The problem comes when it starts to rain. But fret not, the Taiwanese have just the solution to that — wrapping your dog with plastic bags!

In a photo posted by a Taiwanese netizen, at first glance it looks to be of a huge plush toy covered in a red plastic bag sitting on a bicycle. Upon closer scrutiny, with its nose sticking out of the plastic bag, it is revealed to be a corgi!

As it turned out, the owner was afraid his beloved canine would be drenched in the rain. Thus, he came up with the idea of wrapping it with plastic bag, and only leaving its nose out for breathing.

But what sent many rolling on the floor laughing is how calm the corgi looks, obediently sitting on the bicycle. The helpless look in its eyes had other netizens jumping to the conclusion, “He’s used to it. This happens every time it rains.”

Another victim of a DIY raincoat.

In another similar case, the dog insisted on going for walks during typhoons. This left the owner no choice but to create this “special raincoat”. With a black plastic bag wrapped over its body, and a supermarket plastic bag covering its neck and ears, the dog wore a sad look with a frown. Coupled with the raincoat’s peculiarity, the neighbours thought the dog was being tortured.

People who saw the photo also wondered if this outfit would make it difficult for the dog to urinate. But the owner joked that the dog has the burden of an idol, and that it has to pee in secrecy.

However, as funny as this may seem, are these raincoats really helping the dogs? Or are they making the dogs uncomfortable? There is no way to tell and it probably depends on individual dogs. But rather than poorly made and awkward-looking raincoats, wouldn’t an actual dog raincoat be better for our beloved canines?