After taking over Afghanistan, Taliban regime faces recognition challenge

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Kabul [Afghanistan], September 13 (ANI): After taking over Afghanistan and announcing the government in the troubled country, the Taliban regime faces the challenge of getting recognition, local media reported on Monday.

The Taliban last week formed the interim "Islamic Emirate", appointing hardliners in its new government who oversaw the 20-year fight against the US-led military coalition.

Restoration of the Islamic Emirate could be the second major hurdle in the world's recognition of the Taliban government, Daily Times reported.

According to the publication, the world will wait to assess if the Taliban honour their commitment on guarantees to stop foreign militant groups including al-Qaeda from using Afghan soil against the US and its allies.

Earlier, Taliban authorities removed Afghanistan's National Flag from the Presidential Palace and hoisted their flag atop the palace.

Meanwhile, Russia, United States, Japan, Canada, France, UK have expressed that the countries are not planning to recognise the government formed by the Taliban.

Pakistan is one of the three countries that had recognised the previous Taliban government (1996-2001) but it seems the country is not in hurry to recognise the new Taliban government and will wait to see what friendly countries and others do. Others were Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Daily Times reported.

Qatar, which is considered as the only country very close to the Taliban, has also not yet given any indications to recognise the Taliban.

Moreover, the newly appointed Taliban government's acting Prime Minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund met with Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani. Al-Thani arrived in Kabul on Sunday to meet with leaders of the Taliban, Sputnik reported.

During the meeting held in Afghanistan's Presidential Palace, the two sides discussed bilateral relations, humanitarian assistance, Afghanistan's future economic development and the international engagement with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The visit came days after the Taliban announced a caretaker government in Afghanistan on September 7. (ANI)

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