Taking On the Toughest Cases In Immigration Law With UK Law Firm Proctor & Hobbs Solicitors

It is well-known that one of the resources which the disadvantaged find hard to access is legal resources. However, UK based law firm Proctor & Hobbs Solicitors, proctorhobbs.com, an independent community-focused firm has taken on this task of providing quality legal services to those of lesser privileges.

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With its dedication to reaching out to more underprivileged communities with the highest quality of legal resources, Proctor and Hobbs has gained a name for itself as being ‘The People’s Firm’. Regardless of socioeconomic status and with a strong focus on pro-bono cases while providing to the underprivileged, it is notable how this firm started in 2019 with three founding partners, but within two years, has expanded internationally - be that in opening offices in Regent Street (London), Dublin, Pakistan, or with its partners’ institutions in South Africa and Australia - offering placement opportunities and work experience events, this firm’s approach is certainly both unique and innovative.

Specializing in immigration law, family law, criminal defense, personal injury, prison law, as well as civil and commercial litigation, Proctor & Hobbs Solicitors is made up of a dedicated and focused team, who work tirelessly to help people facing some of the most serious immigration law issues out there. The Proctor & Hobbs team is unique in that they provide clients with personal cell phone numbers and are available 24 hours a day, as legal issues and necessities do not only occur within the typical 9.00- 5.00pm business hours.

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The firm is constantly working to stay on top of the advances surrounding immigration law and strives to help people overcome their circumstances and lead better lives.

The Home Secretary only recently said the next strand of the Home Office’s plan will be about speeding up removal of those with no legal right to be in the UK. Proposals include a ‘good faith’ requirement, which would mean ‘bringing any claims as soon as possible, telling the truth and leaving the UK when they have no right to remain’. The Home Office says if someone has not acted in good faith, this should affect the credibility of their claim and testimony in the Home Office’s decision-making and by the courts in any subsequent appeals.

Ehsan Maqbool, head of immigration, aims to ensure this process is in accordance with the European Convention of Human Rights. A recent campaign launched by the firm shows an increasing number of cases concerning deportation and crime committed abroad. Taking on the challenge, the staff at Proctor & Hobbs aim to ensure that all these matters uphold the fundamental ‘rule of law’.

Proctor & Hobbs Solicitors dedicate themselves to providing increasing professional opportunities for those students who find themselves passed over and discouraged from a career path. Through partnerships with Universities and Academies across the UK, South Africa and Australia, the firm encourages international students to aim high and take admissions in international placements thereby improving cross border relations.

Recently, Proctor & Hobbs have launched an international campaign, collaborating with schools and human rights centres in Islamabad (Pakistan) and Cape Town (South Africa) to offer cutting edge immigration advice to vulnerable individuals. Proctor & Hobbs Solicitors work with schools in Pakistan to introduce students to their education partners. This partnership has accomplished many goals for the student body who come from disadvantaged, poverty ridden backgrounds.

The firm has been acting on immigration matters like this for an extensive period of time and pride themselves in having expert knowledge. The students want Solicitors who are specialists of the local market and can provide them with ease throughout the application procedure.

Proctor & Hobbs are promoting awareness, understanding and protection of human rights, while encouraging public authorities to comply with the Human Rights Act principles, not just in the EU, but across the globe. They are bringing ‘the right to an education’ to the forefront of their goals and values.

There have been many instances when Proctor & Hobbs have been instructed last minute and the firm has secured the release of the client.

Aneesa Ehsan, one of the founding partners explained:

“We once had a call come through our out of office lines, the office was closed for the Christmas period. A gentleman had been detained at a detention centre and was served with a deportation notice. His deportation flight was five days away. The team worked tirelessly over the holidays to file urgent judicial review applications, bail applications and extensive paperwork in support of his claim to continue residing in the UK. After several hearings, the client had been granted leave to remain in the UK and is now a free man”.

In many cases work is done pro bono, because the firm cannot, in good conscience, allow someone not to have an education, or to go back into a war zone, or face circumstances that threaten their lives as is the case in many immigration cases.

The team are often instructed to step in when things are at the most serious, sending solicitors to immigration facilities, fighting tooth and nail for clients, regardless of their means to pay. No matter what a client’s financial status is, the team will not allow anyone to be sent back into a dangerous situation.

The demographic of other immigration clients and cases that Proctor & Hobbs serves is wide, covering everything from simple matters to profoundly serious life-threatening situations. They can and will take on cases for failed asylum-seekers, those with criminal convictions facing deportation, those of Southeast Asian heritage, Bangladeshi, clients from Afghanistan, Europeans dealing with Brexit and many others who have difficulty obtaining high-quality legal advice and often have no way to access help.

The team at Proctor & Hobbs is made of up professionals with different areas of expertise, specializing in a wide array of issues pertaining to immigration law including but not limited to:

  • Seeking Asylum

  • Deportation

  • Criminal convictions and immigration

  • UK Work Permits

  • Permanent self-settlement in the UK

  • Brexit

  • British Citizenship

  • Spousal Visas

  • Fiancé Visa

  • Study Visas

  • Tourist Visas

They hold no obligation and a cost-free legal clinic every fortnight in Nelson-Lancashire where individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds can discuss any legal matters in complete confidence with no strings attached. The firm vigorously supports many different local and international charities, with 20% of all monthly profits donated to charitable aid. Proctor & Hobbs Solicitors sets the example for giving back and taking down the traditional barriers between individuals and solicitors.

Many of Proctor & Hobbs staff were previous work experience students and interns who are now solicitors in training. 90% of the staff in the firm are women of ethnic minority backgrounds, the firm encourages all students and work experience applicants to aim high, supporting them throughout their training.

Learn more on the firm’s website, proctorhobbs.com, about how the team at Proctor & Hobbs Solicitors are advancing the area of immigration law, and how they can help with immigration problems big or small.

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