Takuya Kimura reunites with Tony Leung in Japan

6 Mar – Hong Kong actor Tony Leung (Chiu Wai) was recently reunited with his "2046" co-star Takuya Kimura while on holiday in Japan.

As reported on Mingpao, the accidental reunion was revealed by the Japanese star himself, who shared a photo of him with Tony on Weibo, saying that he stumbled upon the Hong Kong actor while going out for the first time since recovering from his cold.

"I feel revitalised! I happened across Tony when I was going shopping. It's such a great surprise!" he wrote.

Tony's wife Carina Lau also took to social media to comment on the reunion, writing, "He [Tony] asked me to guess who he saw today. I didn't even expect it to be you!"

The two stars first worked together in the aforementioned Wong Kar Wai film 20 years ago. In a past interview, Kimura expressed his gratitude to Tony, saying that the award-winning actor helped him a lot in adapting to Wong's style of directing.

"He told me to just enjoy the scene, and made the shoot a happy one for me," he said.

The two stars haven't worked with each other since then.

(Photo Source: Carina Lau Instagram)