Taliban release 340 prisoners in Afghanistan Farah Province

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Kabul [Afghanistan], August 21 (ANI): The Taliban have released 340 "political prisoners" in Farah province in western Afghanistan, Sputnik reported on Saturday.

Another 40 inmates were released in central Uruzgan province, The Russian News Agency reported citing the Shamshad News broadcaster.

This comes after Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada earlier on Thursday ordered the release of political detainees from all Afghan prisons.

The Taliban entered Kabul earlier on Sunday and took control of the presidential palace after the country's president Ashraf Ghani fled.

Afghanistan is witnessing its worst-ever crisis in decades as the Taliban's control has forced people to flee the nation in afraid of their atrocities. Afghans have flocked to the Kabul airport in order to flee the Taliban. Terrorists on the streets of Kabul are reportedly preventing people from entering the airport using force. The situation continues to deteriorate at the airport and around its perimeter, which is under Taliban control.

Soon after the terror group claimed control of the Afghan capital, several countries evacuated their diplomatic personnel from the country, and thousands of people flocked to the Kabul airport in a desperate attempt to leave Afghanistan.

The world is closely watching the unfolding situation in Afghanistan as the countries have scrambled to evacuate its citizens from Afghanistan in an attempt to secure their people. (ANI)

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