Taliban warns US of destabilising Afghanistan, weakening Islamic Emirate

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Doha [Qatar], October 9 (ANI): The Taliban on Saturday warned the US against destabilizing Afghanistan and weakening the Islamic Emirate.

Amir Khan Motaqi who is leading a high-level delegation to Doha said that an unstable Afghanistan and weakening the de facto government of Afghanistan is in favour of no one and the Afghans will suffer down the road, reported The Khaama Press.

Afghanistan's acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Motaqi said that they want to engage with the international community and will not be in favour of one country and against the other one.

Amir Khan Motaqi made the statement in exclusive talks with Bakhtar News Agency-an Afghan News Agency.

The delegations of the Taliban and the United States on Saturday held their first meeting in Qatar's capital Doha, in a bid to turn the "new page on their relationship".

This is the first in-person meeting between the two sides since the US drawdown from Afghanistan in mid-August.

In the meantime, Motaqi said that the US side was told to unfreeze the assets of the Afghan people and do not create problems for the people, reported Khaama Press.

"We (the Taliban) met with the delegation from the US and discussed many issues among them the recent situation of Afghanistan, humanitarian aids, and political issues," said Motqai. (ANI)

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