Taliban's talk with Panjshir resistance fails; Valley attacked

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01 Sep 2021: Taliban's talk with Panjshir resistance fails; Valley attacked

The negotiations between the Taliban and Panjshir leaders opposing them in Afghanistan have failed, Agence France-Presse reported. Senior Taliban leaders reportedly blamed Panjshir leaders for the failure, saying that they do not want the problems to be solved peacefully. This comes amid reports that the Taliban attacked the Valley from two sides soon after the US completed their troop withdrawal in Afghanistan on Monday.

Details: 'Those who want to fight, tell them it is enough'

In an audio message to the people of Panjshir, senior Taliban leader Mullah Amir Khan Motaqi said, "My brothers, we tried our best to solve the Panjshir problem with talks and negotiations... but unfortunately all in vain." "Now it is up to you to talk to them...Those who want to fight, tell them it is enough," Motaqi added.

Panjshir: Taliban attacked Panjshir after US left

Panjshir, which has a history of anti-Taliban resistance, is the only province that did not fall to the Taliban after the latter seized power in Afghanistan. This time, Panjshir leader Amad Massoud and former Vice-President Amrullah Saleh are trying to mount an anti-Taliban resistance from Panjshir. However, reports suggest the Taliban attacked the Valley from two sides soon after the US left Afghanistan.

Resistance: 7 Taliban fighters killed, claims Panjshir resistance

Fahim Dashti, an official of the anti-Taliban Resistance front said that though the Taliban wanted to "try their luck...By the grace of God, luck wasn't on their side." Meanwhile, resistance leaders told Reuters that at least seven Taliban fighters were killed in a clash with militia fighters in Panjshir on Monday night. Dashti claimed several Taliban fighters were also injured in the clash.

Fact: 6,000 anti-Taliban fighters gathered in Panjshir: Reports

Over 6,000 fighters, consisting mainly of the remaining Afghan Army, Special Forces, and the local militia have gathered in the Panjshir Valley, north of Kabul. They have some helicopters and military vehicles and have repaired some armored vehicles left behind by the Soviets, reports claimed.

Recent news: Massoud supporters warn of consequences if talks fail

Notably, negotiations for a peace deal between Massoud and the Taliban started days after the former vowed to resist the Taliban. During the first talk, both sides had agreed not to attack each other until the second round. However, Massoud's supporters had warned the Taliban of consequences if the negotiations fail. They cautioned that the failure of negotiation would lead to a prolonged war.

Fact: Want to hold talks, but ready to fight: Massoud

Earlier, Massoud had said that while he hoped to hold peace talks with the Taliban, his forces were ready to fight if the latter tried to invade Panjshir. "We want to make the Taliban realize that the only way forward is through negotiation."

Background: What is happening in Afghanistan?

It has been over two weeks since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. The Taliban had reportedly held discussions with Afghan politicians to form an "inclusive government" in the country that is acceptable to all. The Taliban's military victory came after the Taliban and Washington signed a peace deal last year, under which the US decided to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

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