Tampines woman charged for hurling religious insults at neighbour

(Yahoo News Singapore file photo)
Lee Dji Lin, 65, is accused of calling Marliah Jonet "anak babi" ("baby pig in Malay) on 24 April at Block 247 Tampines Street 21. (Yahoo News Singapore file photo)

SINGAPORE — A 65-year-old woman was charged in court on Tuesday (9 July) with three counts of wounding the religious feelings of her Muslim neighbour in Tampines.

Lee Dji Lin is accused of calling Marliah Jonet “anak babi” (“baby pig” in Malay) on 24 April at Block 247 Tampines Street 21.

On 11 June, Lee allegedly also told Marliah in Malay, “stupid Malay, looking for trouble with Chinese people, Malay go and eat pig”. Six days later, Lee purportedly insulted Marliah in Malay by saying, “that daughter goes to have sex with baby pig, later will have baby pig(s)”.

Remanded for psychiatric observation

The police prosecutor asked for Lee to be remanded for psychiatric observation. Speaking to District Judge Adam Nakhoda in Mandarin through a translator, Lee objection to this suggestion.

However, the judge told Lee that, based on a report by a police investigation officer, he thought remand was warranted. The case will be mentioned again on 23 July.

For each of her charges of uttering words with the intention to wound religious feelings, Lee faces a jail term of up to three years along with a fine.

Yahoo News Singapore first reported on Marliah’s plight in 2016. In an interview last month, she said she had reached out to HDB, Tampines Town Council, grassroots leaders, her former Member of Parliament and even e-mailed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong over the years.

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