Tanya Chua confirms breakup with French boyfriend

12 Jan – After much speculations, singer-songwriter Tanya Chua finally admitted that she and French boyfriend, Johann Martin have called it quits.

As reported on ET Today, the news was indirectly confirmed by Tanya during her last "Lemuria" concert, which was held in Taipei recently.

During the show, the 42-year-old singer asked concertgoers to raise their hands if they came to the show on their own.

She then went on to say, "I am on my own too and I am doing fine. But one person needs a lot of love, so, let me hug you, and let's feel [the love] through the songs. Let's hug each other, and cry together," she said.

Tanya first broke up with Johann in August 2016, but was revealed to have patched things up again when she posted a photo of their hands on Instagram back in September.

However, many speculated that the two of them ended their relationship for good when she quietly closed her Instagram account in December.

(Photo Source: Tanya Chua Instagram)