Taoist Association slams Chen Kaige for false depiction

Taoist Association slams Chen Kaige for false depiction

20 Jul - Chinese auteur Chen Kaige has been criticised by the country's Taoist Association for the wrong depiction of a Taoist priest in his new movie, "Monk Comes Down the Mountain".

According to ECNS News, a senior official of the aforementioned association released a statement slamming the movie for "breaking commandments".

"He robbed, killed, got intoxicated, and had sex with a woman, which were misleading," said the official.

Adapted from a best-selling novel, "Monk Comes Down the Mountain" stars Aaron Kwok, Jaycee Chan, and Vanness Wu, and tells the story of a Taoist priest's attempt to discover his role in the world.

On the other hand, another representative of Taoism Association in Xian told the media that the film's producer had contacted the association previously to revise part of the plot, adding that people need to have an open mind to allow for artistic expression.