Taxi driver warns other cabbies of picking up allegedly abusive passengers from Laguna Country Club

Claiming to have had a bitter brush with some bad apples last Friday, a Comfort DelGro taxi driver advised his fellow cabbies to be extra wary when picking up passengers from Laguna National Golf & Country Club.

The cabbie recounted his alleged experience with the rude passengers on the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook group not long after the end of the trip, which took place at 7:21pm last Friday. If you could even call it a trip because the whole ride lasted a mere four minutes.

Here was what happened, according to the cabbie’s side of the story.

  • The cabby took on a booking at the golf club, but no information about the end destination was provided.
  • When he arrived, a man hopped into the rear passenger seat. The passenger was unresponsive when the cabby greeted him and asked about the destination.
  • Two more men hopped into the back. This time, the cabby turned his head around and asked them where they wanted to go. They too didn’t respond and didn’t even acknowledge the driver.
  • The fourth passenger sat at the front and finally answered the taxi driver’s queries — they wanted to go to Holiday Inn Atrium at Outram Road.
  • The cabby responded by saying that he finally knows where to go after asking four times. The man sitting at the front passenger seat yelled back that the other passengers didn’t know where to go.
  • The driver replied that they could have at least said something and tell him to wait for the information. The angry passenger was said to blurt on angrily, and the cabby kept quiet to avoid any more conflicts.
  • When the driver started to move off, the passenger accused him of driving dangerously “like an idiot”. This, the cabbie refuted by stating that he was actually driving in his usual pace and that it was pretty unfair for the passenger to judge his driving skills based on less than 200 meters driving around the carpark.
  • The man then threatened to lodge a complaint against the taxi driver. The cabbie then decided it was not working out, and reversed back to the original pick up point to let them out.
  • “The guy before alighting, shouted non stop: ‘Bad job! Wrong taxi!’. Ranting all the way, even commented I have lousy service not going down to help load the golf sets earlier, blah blah”
  • The cabbie clarified that he would usually help passenger load their belongings but he was still recuperating from a long bout of sickness of some sort.
  • The irate passenger then took down the taxi’s license plates and even snapped a photo of the cabbie’s face. The driver retaliated by taking photos of the allegedly disrespectful passengers as well.
Photo: Facebook
  • According to a picture of a receipt, the whole ride took place from 7:21pm to 7:24pm, though it showed that the passenger at least paid up the fare of $8.24. Later on, the cabbie called a Comfort Drivers Relationship Officer to explain what happened.
  • “I felt so intimidated, abused and being accused as an ‘idiot driver’ when I wasn’t even speeding in the carpark or whatsoever.”

The next day, the cabbie returned to the carpark to record a video of how he drove. It appears that the cabbie simply drove over a small hump without slowing down first, possibly explaining why the passenger was annoyed.

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