Taylor Swift: Just Admit You Got a Boob Job Already

Taylor Swift: Just Admit You Got a Boob Job Already
Taylor Swift: Just Admit You Got a Boob Job Already

Either Taylor is smuggling oranges under her dress or she decided to go under the knife and get breast implants. Just ‘fess up already, Taylor — we totally love your new look!

Taylor Swift may be known for her wholesome image and tearful love songs about boys that have broken her heart, but it seems the country cutie has jumped on the Beverly Hills bandwagon and had some plastic surgery. And you know what, I applaud her!

Taylor obviously felt self-conscious about the size of her breasts, so she did something about it!

Dr. Anthony Youn estimates that Taylor increased her cup size from a small A to a striking C.

“It looks very nice and proportional,” adds Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming.

Going up two cup sizes makes an obvious difference on Taylor’s tiny frame. Thankfully she didn’t overdo it a la Heidi Montag! While getting plastic surgery is indeed a personal decision, Taylor has a history of being open with her fans. She wasn’t ashamed to share when Joe Jonas broke up with her over text message and she openly sang about John Mayer breaking her heart, so why is Taylor being so tight-lipped about getting implants?

Fake breasts in Hollywood are as commonplace as Starbucks. After next week, three of the eight Teen Moms will even have them! Instead of hiding her surgery, Taylor should use this as an opportunity to create a dialogue about body image with her young fans.

Do YOU think Taylor should come clean about getting breast implants?

— Jennifer Kamm

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