How Taylor Swift's 'Dorkiness' Inspired Bryce Dallas Howard

 Bryce Dallas Howard and Taylor Swift.
Bryce Dallas Howard and Taylor Swift.

Did you know that Taylor Swift fans think she's actually moonlighting as a mysterious author named Elly Conway? Conway is an author whose debut novel, Argylle, was turned into a major motion picture starring Bryce Dallas Howard (as an author named Elly Conway) about a super-spy cat.

Yeah, OK, I guess we understand why her fans are convinced that Taylor Swift is Elly Conway.

Alas, director Matthew Vaughn and the film's star put those rumors to rest at the premiere on Wednesday, but it doesn't mean Swift didn't inspire the film in some way. And according to Howard, Swift inspired her characterization of Conway in more ways than one.

While hanging out at The Graham Norton Show on Friday, Howard admitted to a myriad ways in which Swift informed the character choices she made.

"We can’t pretend she was involved. The reality is she was in many ways a great inspiration," Howard explained.

She went on to highlight some of the other similarities—similarities that Swift's fans have picked up on and run wild with, including leaving comments all over Conway's Instagram profile that assert that she is, in fact, Taylor Swift.

It's that energy, however, Howard has used to infuse her version of Elly Conway (fiction character author) with some Swift-ian flair.

"She is a cat lady, she’s got this awesome backpack with a cat in that she walks around with, she loves a good argyle sweater, and there is a sort of unapologetic dorkiness about her," Howard reasoned. "That’s a little bit like what my character is like."

So there you have it, folks. Don't let the Scottish Fold of it all fool you (that's what they're trained to do, they're notorious spy cats).