Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July Party Tips

Taylor Swift knows how to celebrate in style. (Photo: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

Taylor Swift is known for her fabulous, star-studded Independence Day parties. Photos show the guests having the time of their lives, often in the magazine-worthy photos shared on social media. The food, the guest list, the sparklers — all of it — is perfectly in place.

Seriously, the woman should be a party planner. But until the debut of her lifestyle website, which is surely coming any day now, here are the tips that we’ve gleaned from the annual shindig she famously throws.

Invite all your famous friends. All of them.

Did we say all of them? If you don’t have any famous friends, might want to put the party on hold. (Of course, someone as friendly as Swift, who regularly meets people at awards shows and industry events, doesn’t have this problem.)

Taylor Swift throws a mean Fourth of July fete. (Photo: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

Wear coordinated outfits but nothing too matchy-matchy.

For example, in Swift’s case, she once chose a navy top for the occasion, while Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid wore star-spangled onesies. Blake Lively sported a classic white and navy sweater. Because you can’t have everyone wearing onesies all at once! Genius.

Make a homemade dessert.

Swift can afford the most elaborate cake out there, but buying a cake is not as much fun as whipping one up, especially for someone like Swift who loves DIY projects. (It also doesn’t make as good of a photo op!) The “Style” singer is a huge fan of Ina Garten, so the Barefoot Contessa’s flag cake is the one that she often makes with the help of her guests. (Tip: the recipe estimates the cake will take 45 minutes to prep, but Swift has done this before. Baking newbies should probably allow more time.)

T. Swift really should teach a cake-making class. (Photo: Amanda Griffith via Instagram)

Have an activity.

Swift is a believer in letting the guests really feel a part of the festivities. (See the above on the cake.) But she goes further and brings in things like a giant slide to set up.

Taylor’s squad gets wet and wild. (Photo: Taylor Swift via Instagram)
Taylor Swift and friends have a ball. (Photo: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

Are you convinced to get a slide? The only challenge now is finding a place to live where you can fit that in the yard, right?

Do as much as possible outside.

The weather’s fantastic at Swift’s house near Rhode Island this time of year! So, yes, it makes sense to take advantage of that, but another perk is that the paparazzi can see how fabulous the bash is when you’re outside. If you do have to spend a lot of time indoors, snap tons of photos for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest… if there’s no photo, it didn’t happen!

And, this probably goes without saying on the Fourth, but fireworks are a must for this very reason.

Keep plenty of props on hand.

You might have heard floats can save lives, but they are also excellent photo props. They give people something to do, too!

Swift was quick to get in on the giant float trend. (Photo: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

Bring in surprise guests.

We’ve already discussed the importance of having your all-star squad in the house, but it’s extra fun to bring in someone new. Perhaps a Tom Hiddleston type? Maybe an appearance by Ruby Rose or Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds? Don’t be afraid to introduce new people to the guest list.

Taylor Swift has an impressive guest list. (Photo: Brit LaManna via Instagram)

Snap photos, photos, photos.

Every celebrity party, not just Taylor’s famous fete, has taught us that the photographs snapped at an event are more important than the party itself. Sure, the memories are great, but what you really want are the pics to show everyone what a fabulous time you had, right?!


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