Taylor Swift's Retro Style Transformation Continues Thanks To The Kennedys

Taylor Swift's relationship with Conor Kennedy seems to be evolving wonderfully, as does her complementary 1950s makeover. Most recently, the darling of country music was spotted pottering around Paris on a classic bike while wearing a pale blue pussybow blouse and knee-length floral skirt topped off with retro shades and feminine ivory pumps. What a transformation!

For the uninitiated amongst you, here are the facts: 18-year-old Conor is the son of Robert F Kennedy Jr and the late Mary Richardson Kennedy. Taylor is a world famous songstress and great admirer of the Kennedy clan, describing the moment she met Ethel Kennedy as 'the only time in my life I have ever been starstruck.'

Taylor recently bought a $4.9m oceanfront mansion on Cape Cod right across the street from the Kennedy compound where the famous family have spent their summers since 1926. It's like a storyline straight from a Hollywood movie, no?

The couple may have only been dating for a couple of months, but they've already enjoyed two dreamy holidays at the legendary Kennedy base. It's given Taylor ample opportunity to flaunt her newly-found retro style in an array of polka-dotted beachwear. As they frolicked in the sea and kissed on the dock, the 22-year-old looked more vintage-gorgeous than ever in accordance with America's legendary first family.

Initally there was the halterneck navy swimsuit followed by a near-identical high-waisted red bikini. Then came the fit-and-flare floral printed frocks and ladylike kitten heels — all topped off with flicky blonde bangs, sultry red lipstick and a pair of Ray-Ban sunnies. Jackie O, eat yer heart out.

Grazia Daily, for one, is delighted by T-Swizzle's transformation. Just as she picks up Kennedy Jnr, she's ditched those gold-and-glitzy prom dresses that became her (yawnsville) signature. Well, you know what they say? New man, new wardrobe. Witness her fetching Americana style in the gallery above.

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