Teachers and staff display love for country by donning Jalur Gemilang-inspired tudung

Mohd Rafi Mamat

KUANTAN: Female teachers and staff at SK Balok here today showcased their patriotism by arriving at the school proudly donning the Jalur Gemilang headscarves (tudung). The 76 female teachers and staff made heads turn with Jalur Gemilang-inspired tudung, to be worn every Monday throughout the Merdeka month, much to the delight of parents and pupils. Headmaster Jantan Yasin described the tudung as unique as it allowed the employees to show their love for Malaysia by wearing outfits which resembled the national flag. He said a teacher had proposed the idea in jest but the others were so impressed that they agreed to buy the tudung with their own money. “Previously, only the pupils would wear Jalur Gemilang attire (including) tudung and songkok during the Merdeka Day parade, but this time, the teachers have also decided to participate. I am certainly proud with the display of patriotic spirit. “This project is part of the initiative by SK Balok teachers and staff’s club to help cultivate the Merdeka spirit in school,” he said. Jantan said throughout Merdeka month, Merdeka-day related programmes would be organised with 70 Jalur Gemilang flags of various sizes were put up in the school compound. Meanwhile, teacher Noraini Wagiran said this was the first time the school teachers decided to wear the Jalur Gemilang headscarves during the Merdeka month. “We realised that it was unique and wore it during the state-level Jalur Gemilang launch ceremony last week. We then decided to wear it every week until September 16. “When we wear the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ tudung, it creates a vibrant and cheerful environment at school besides allowing us to show our patriotism,” he said. She said the move had also generated interest among the pupils who were eager to learn more about the national day celebration and the true meaning of Merdeka. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd