Lead geek of Singapore: Coders go wild over PM Lee's skills

This article originally appeared on Vulcan Post. Besides his pink shirts and down-to-earth demeanor, here’s one more reason why Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is cool — he knows how to code. Singapore may be rounding up Smart Nation Innovations Week for 2015, but our journey to become a Smart Nation continues. And the [...] The post PM Lee Wrote A Sudoku Solver In C++, Wants To Learn Haskell appeared first on Vulcan Post.

If the programming code below looks like Greek to you, it's okay. It looks like Greek to most regular people as well. Except for coders... and prime minister Lee Hsien Loong, that is.

The prime minister delighted his compatriate coders this week when he shared a Sudoku program he created and asked for feedback. On Facebook and Twitter, PM Lee shared the source code, exe file, and sample printout, and fellow Singaporean developers checked and help him find and fix bugs.


PM Lee Shien Loong's code for a Sodoku program he wrote.
PM Lee Shien Loong's code for a Sodoku program he wrote.


Some savvy coders offered advice on a potential bug:



Lee Hsien Loong welcomed the feedback:

Fans also suggested the PM upload it to GitHub to share the open source code, but Lee declined.


The fact that the PM can code is news to a lot of people, and it spawned a number of comments and a Quora post. Another fact not widely known is that Lee Hsien Loong was the Senior Wrangler at Cambridge in 1973, meaning he ranked first in mathematics. It's a highly respected position, and to some considered the highest intellectual achievement in Britain.