Tech Tuesday: AI Product Finders, Image Recognition and More

Here are some important new developments in AI this week, from shopping tools to image advancements

Revolutionizing Product Recommendations with Responsible AI

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Footwear retailers, take note! SAP Emarsys has launched a game-changer for personalized shopping experiences: the AI Product Finder. This innovative tool lets brands leverage the power of AI to recommend products and curate targeted marketing campaigns, all within their existing product catalog.

This launch comes as consumer demand for AI-powered shopping surges. According to SAP Emarsys data, a whopping 64 percent of shoppers believe AI has enhanced their retail experiences, up from 51% in 2023.

What makes the AI Product Finder special?

First, it features an intuitive product search function. Say goodbye to tedious catalog navigation. Marketers can easily find the perfect products for their campaigns, saving them valuable time and effort. Secondly, it keeps a spotlight on the brand. Unlike other AI tools, the Product Finder keeps recommendations within your product range, avoiding the risk of sending customers elsewhere.

It also allows for effortless email marketing. The Product Finder integrates seamlessly with email marketing campaigns, allowing marketers to create highly relevant and personalized content that drives engagement. More than just convenience, the AI Product Finder also prioritizes responsible AI practices.

Joanna Milliken, CEO of SAP Emarsys, emphasizes the company’s dedication to using AI to streamline marketing tasks and elevate customer experiences. “By infusing AI into everything we do, we empower marketers to focus on driving ROI and customer satisfaction,” she said, noting that the AI Product Finder positions SAP Emarsys as a leader in responsible AI solutions for omnichannel retail marketing. This innovative tool empowers brands to personalize customer journeys and unlock the full potential of AI for a thriving digital future.

AI for Image Recognition

Svetlana Kordumova, founder and CEO of and a PhD graduate in AI and Computer Vision, identified a gap in the market while being a frustrated online shopper herself. She found it difficult to discover desired products on fashion e-commerce platforms. Kordumova realized the potential of her AI and image recognition expertise to address this consumer pain point. This confluence of personal experience and technical knowledge laid the foundation for

While’s core product pivoted to focus on solving product data entry for e-commerce teams with AI, the company’s mission centers on improving the customer experience. Their AI-powered solutions streamline product data entry, ultimately allowing e-commerce businesses to feature products more effectively and enhance customer searches.

“The biggest challenge I identified on the market was the ease of finding what you want as a shopper,” she said. “Although the core product of pivoted to solve the problem of manual data entry for e-commerce teams with AI, this is still part of our core value. Our mission is to provide outstanding AI product data for e-commerce teams to save time, that will ultimately help shoppers find the products they love hassle free.”

Kordumova envisions AI as a transformative force in e-commerce. “ is a product data enrichment platform that generates product data for fashion e-commerce using computer vision AI and generative AI,” she said. “Pixyle’s AI models can automatically tag and organize product information for online stores in multiple languages, saving e-commerce teams hours of manual work.”

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