Tech Tuesdays: New 3D Solutions for Footwear + AI-Powered Traceability

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Here is the top tech news this week.

Advances in 3D Footwear Creation

During Milan Design Week, Hilos pulled the curtain on a new “product creation platform” called Studio OS, which the company describes as “the first generative design software to leverage AI models trained on 3D footwear, turning concepts into wearable realities with uncompromising speed, flexibility, and control.” The launch follows the rollout of Hilos Studio at Art Basel Miami last year.

Hilos, which is based in Portland, offers footwear brands and independents a platform to design and make 3D-printed footwear — “locally, on-demand, without inventory or end-of-life waste,” the company said.

With the launch of Studio OS, “empowered creatives across the skill spectrum” will be able to turn ideas into products via “smart and intuitive workflows, transforming text prompts, sketches, or mood boards into 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models ready for manufacture,” Hilos said, adding that the platform can detect and separate shoe parts into layers “allowing granular control and regeneration at the component level.” The company said prompt to product, wearable footwear can be launched in 90 days.

A Full 360 View

In response to high costs of digital product imaging, Orb360 has launched “Orb360 Studio,” which the company said is based on its mobile version that has been used by luxury brands for the past decade.

The company said the impetus behind the launch of the new platform is in response to the fact that “fashion e-commerce businesses are experiencing unprecedented pressure on reducing costs, return rates and creating compelling product content. Under these circumstances cost efficient digital product imaging is an essential foundation for success.”

Orb360 is designed to produce high-quality images quickly. To see a demo of the technology on footwear, Click here.

Powered by AI

TradeBeyond has leveled up its traceability solution by integrating its platform with artificial intelligence capabilities. “This upgrade allows global brands and retailers to improve visibility and reduce risks in their supply chains,” the company said adding that AI will be used “to automate documentary verification and document chain of custody.”

The upgrade is designed to increase the security and efficiency of the supply chain as well as make it more reliable. “Advanced AI verifies the authenticity and integrity of products, tracing their journey from raw materials to production and delivery in compliance with increasing ESG regulations and standards,” the company said.

Michael Hung, chief executive officer of TradeBeyong, said the company’s customer base includes some of the world’s largest brands and retailers. “For these businesses, manually reviewing thousands of documents and verifying their chain of custody is extremely inefficient. Our latest AI-powered traceability capability eliminates this challenge.”

The AI-powered solution automatically scans all documents, including orders and invoices. “It compiles the chain of custody documentation and checks critical product and shipment documents against multiple databases of blacklisted entities for potential compliance risks,” the company said adding that AI also identifies gaps or missing items and then alerts businesses and suppliers before shipping.

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