• From The Ground Up: How Workers’ Party’s Bernard Chan Worked To The Top
    From The Ground Up: How Workers’ Party’s Bernard Chan Worked To The Top

    The Workers’ Party has unveiled grassroots organiser, political activist and recent Oxford graduate Bernard Chen as a candidate for the Sep 11 general elections in Singapore. In an interview conducted by Bryan Kwa in early July 2014, Bernard said he did not harbour intentions in being a Member of Parliament but that politics should be about selfless service and that the Singapore narrative should include the peoples’ history. Bernard Chen is a walking contradiction in terms.

  • The Land of BBQ Singapore
    The Land of BBQ Singapore

    Playing with fire and grilling food, while drinking some beers with friends. What is there not to like about a BBQ in Singapore. We are all taken by it and hardly ever miss out on any occasion to get fired up. However, there isn’t just one style that locals and expats like to celebrate. What else would you expect in a city with so many different cuisines on offer. We put together a list of popular BBQ Singapore – styles. Nonya BBQ Being one of Singapore’s famous food instructors and cook book authors, chef Devagi Sanmugam created a delicious Nonya BBQ menu that comes with special delights, such as pineapple glazed pork chops with a homemade peanut sauce. But that’s not all – besides delicious sticky chicken wings, her Nonya BBQ menu also includes especially nonya tamarind glazed chicken wings. Popular among locals and foreigners alike, a Nonya BBQ should also have hot Cheng Tng and nonya Apom Berkuah. Texan When thinking of a BBQ, the first thought of many people still surrounds the idea of a North American BBQ – or Texan style to be precise. How can one not love smoked duck breast taco with grilled pineapple and red onion or Stars ... Bon Vivant - Asia's ultimate Food & Lifestyle Magazine, presented by Clubvivre

  • GE2015: Radin Mas – where the trolls gather
    GE2015: Radin Mas – where the trolls gather

    So, today is Nomination Day for GE2015 and Singapore’s top online troll, SMRT Ltd (Feedback) just revealed one of the administrators for their Facebook page – a Azly J. Nor: They claimed on their Facebook page that they will be backing Azly and the Teh Tarik Party to contest in GE2015. Will it happen? Or is it