Techno FAQ - Journey From An e-magazine To The Launch Of A Digital Marketplace

You must’ve seen many blog/e-magazines which went on providing more and more value to their visitors. Such an e-magazine is Techno FAQ. It was started with the sole purpose of bringing in traffic, providing readers value, and generating revenue by displaying ads.

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But Techno FAQ ended up providing more solutions like Letter and Market and also more tech blogs like Tekh Decoded and nixFAQ. Behind this growth, there’s a series of trials and errors along with the immense hard work and dedication of its founder Sunit Kumar Nandi. Let’s read about how it all started and what motivated Sunit Nandi to continue providing more and more value through Techno FAQ.

The beginning:

It all started in Sunit Nandi’s college life. This was the time when he wanted to make a name and living out of something he loves to do. That’s when he started his tech blog Techno FAQ in 2012.

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Back in 2011, Techno FAQ was a social media community of mostly students who were interested in knowing more about the growing digital world. After a year, the official website was launched with the goal of helping a large number of visitors.

Their aim was to make people familiar with technology, solving tech problems for and with the community helping in a better understanding of computing and technology.

With this aim, Techno FAQ started uploading regular blog posts to their website and started to grow rapidly. Within a few years, Techno FAQ was able to generate enough revenue from displaying ads that Sunit Nandi was able to add more professionals to his team.

This is when he decided to start more e-magazines like Tekh Decoded and nixFAQ which specialized in more niche areas of technology.

In the following years of launching these e-magazines, things were going to change for Techno FAQ. They were going to launch one of the most privacy-oriented email services, Letter.

After countless days of planning and development, they finally launched Letter, an email hosting service on 21 December 2020. Also on this day, QuoQueZNC was renamed Techno FAQ ZNC, an IRC bouncer hosting company that was earlier acquired by Techno FAQ.

Letter, Market, and other services:

Techno FAQ started providing one of the best email services, Letter. Letter is a privacy-oriented email service provider who really cares about your privacy and ease of use. Their interface is meant to be one of the easiest to use and with almost all necessary features required for a business for easing their email-associated work.

Letter received a lot of positive reviews because of providing excellent privacy at a very low cost.

Market by Techno FAQ is another website that provides almost everything that you might need to grow your business online. From hosting to VPN and all other services like animated ads, business-grade email service (Letter), and website development.

According to our sources, we might see more valuable products and services from Techno FAQ very soon.

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