Teen, bald from cancer treatments, poses for beautiful senior photos

Morgan “Momo” Carnish is getting lots of love online this week, thanks to beautiful high school graduation photos that show the teen, who is battling cancer, looking aglow, bald head and all.

Morgan Carnish, who lost all her hair to cancer treatments, poses confidently for her high school senior portrait. (Photo: Morgan Carnish via Twitter)

It all started in 2015, when Morgan thought the cold she had would go away in a few days, just like the ones she’d had before. But that particular cold was the one that led Morgan and her family to discover that she had cancer.

“I got sick and then I wouldn’t stop throwing up,” Morgan, 17, tells Yahoo Beauty. “I lost so much weight, it scared my mom, so she took me back to the doctor.”

The Texas teen was immediately sent to the emergency room with severe dehydration; a CAT scan revealed she had a tumor in her esophagus that turned out to be Hodgkin lymphoma.

“I was extremely shocked,” she recalls. “I had never been a very sick person in the first place, so I really couldn’t believe it.”

After enduring rounds of treatment, Morgan was declared cancer-free in February 2016, bringing much joy to the teen, her parents, and her three siblings. But that joy quickly disappeared when her cancer returned a year later as stage 4.

“This time, we decided to do chemo and then go ahead with the bone marrow transplant, and so far that is going great. So that’s where I’m at right now,” she says.

Before cancer, and ever since she was just 4 years old, Morgan’s passion had been softball. But since she’s had to take a break from athletics because of her health, she has found a new passion: makeup.

“I love to do makeup. I started that when I first lost my hair,” she says, referring to her chemo-induced hair loss. “I never wore makeup before that, so I figured if I’m going to lose my hair, I might as well learn how to do my face.”

On what’s drawn her to the art of beauty, she says, “I love the transformation of it. Just going through the steps of it is relaxing to me.”

Her makeup was indeed flawless for her senior graduation photos — something that’s not gone unnoticed by folks on Twitter, where her post of the photos have been liked more than 600 times.

Morgan has dreams of entering the medical field, now that she is close to graduating high school. She was inspired, she says, by the kind people who have helped her in her journey to recovery.

“I love my nurses, and I feel like I would be good at it,” she says, “because I already know so much.”

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