Teenager disturbed after making ‘creepy’ discovery in parents’ new home: ‘What were they thinking?’

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A man is struggling to convince his fiancée’s daughter to live in his home.

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” for advice. His fiancée, Cara, has a 16-year-old daughter, Kim. When Cara’s mother was in a car accident, Kim was sent to stay with the Reddit poster. Things were going well but when Kim discovered the house’s dark history from a neighbor, everything went south

“I bought a house a few years ago and finished the renovations and remodel last fall,” he explained. “I got it cheap because a murder occurred here, over a decade ago by now and no one touched it till I fixed it up. Kim has been staying with me since Saturday and she even seemed excited when I gave her the grand tour. I even showed Kim the room I put together for her, which made her cry cause she must have thought she’d just be in a guest room. I wanted her to feel at home because this would be her home when she and her mother move in.” 

Everything was fine until the Reddit poster found Kim crying in the kitchen one day. 

“She went for a walk when she woke up and upon chatting with a neighbor down the street learned about the murder that happened here,” the Reddit poster said. “The neighbor was very descriptive and told her far more details than I knew and Kim asked why I didn’t tell her. I was honest and told her that I know a major crime happened, but it was over a decade ago by now. It’s not that I don’t care, but the price of this house was too good to pass up, no way I could have afforded a house this nice and this big under normal circumstances. Kim demanded that I sell the house because she doesn’t want to live here when she and Cara move in with me. I told her that’s not happening. Kim thinks I’m cruel for not caring enough about her to sell my house.” 

Reddit posters weighed in with their thoughts on the complicated situation.

“I think it’s creepy to live in a house where a murder occurred, I also think it’s completely unreasonable for her to demand you to sell the house,” a user commented

“Your neighbor, what were they thinking?!” another said

“I understand why she’s scared and creeped out. But no, you should not sell the house,” someone wrote

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