Two teens arrested after video shows woman's 'drink being spiked' in nightclub

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Two men have been arrested after footage was circulated appearing to show something being dropped into a woman’s drink at a Bristol nightclub. (Stock image: Getty)

Two teenagers have been arrested after a video that appeared to show someone's drink being spiked at a nightclub was shared on social media. 

Police launched an investigation after the footage, which was said to have been filmed in a nightclub in Bristol, was circulated online. 

It appeared to show a man dropping something into a woman's drink at the club. 

On Saturday Avon and Somerset Police said two men, both 18 and from Gloucestershire, had been arrested on suspicion of administering a noxious substance and were in custody.

They said enquiries into the incident are ongoing and urged anyone else with information to get in touch.

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The force said: "If you believe your drink has been tampered with on a night out we’d recommend alerting bar or security staff at the venue, reporting the incident to police by calling 101 and seeking immediate medical advice.

"The same applies if you’re with someone and believe their drink has been tampered with.

"Adding a substance to someone’s drink without their knowledge or permission is a serious offence, especially if used for the commission of other offences, and could result in serious harm if the person suffers an adverse reaction."

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The probe comes amid widespread concerns over women's safety following the sentencing of Met Police officer Wayne Couzens, who was handed a whole life jail term last week for the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard. 

Following the sentencing of Couzens, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was "infuriating" that police forces don't take violence against women seriously enough and are "not doing enough help victims".

Avon and Somerset Police issued a statement from its Deputy Chief Constable Nikki Watson following the sentencing, in which she said: "I am both dismayed and outraged by the damage caused to the public’s trust and confidence in police by the sickening crimes of a man, who took an oath to serve and protect the public.

"His grotesque abuse of power singlehandedly undermines the authority and legitimacy of dedicated and committed officers across the country. His abhorrent actions in no way represent policing.

"I understand the concern this terrible crime has caused and that we, as police officers who care so passionately about protecting our communities, need to do everything we can to reassure them that we are here for them."

She said the force was "wholly committed" to protecting the vulnerable and tackling violence against women and girls would always be a priority.

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