Tell Me The Wildest Thing You've Ever Read In A Will

Writing a will can be a bit depressing, but it's usually advised if you intend to leave assets to loved ones. Well, some people go wayyyyy beyond the typical trust fund, and leave some bizarre requests.

A person filling out a last will and testament
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So I'm asking the BuzzFeed Community to share the most shocking thing they've ever read in someone's will.

Maybe, someone asked for charitable donations to be made in their cats' names:

"I also had to leave money in the cats' name to various organizations."
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A cat wearing. glasses and using a laptop
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Or maybe, the person who died wrote that they wanted their body stuffed and left on their family's couch forever:

"a man who left everything to his wife, but only if she got his body stuffed and left it on the living room couch forever."
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Maybe, the will writer was petty and left their family member exactly $1 as revenge:

"My great grandmother left her daughter 'just one dollar and not a single penny more...'"
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I want to know what shocking thing you've read in someone's will. If you'd like to remain anonymous, just fill out this Google form and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.