Tense moment at Kedah assembly as group led by Pas' Mahfuz barges into hall


ALOR STAR: There was a tense moment at the state legislative assembly, moments after the meeting was adjourned today, when a group of villagers led by Pas member of Parliament Datuk Mahfuz Omar stormed into the hall, demanding to meet Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah.

The group arrived at the state assembly building in Wisma Darulaman about 9am to hand over a memorandum to the state government on a development project in Bukit Pinang, Pokok Sena.

The group was informed that a special officer to the Menteri Besar would accept the memorandum on his behalf. Mahfuz however insisted on handing it over personally to Bashah before barging into the hall, accompanied by the villagers.

However, Bashah had already left for his office, located next to the hall, when the group stormed in.

In a media statement following the incident, Bashah denied that he was avoiding Mahfuz and the group.

Bashah said he had already instructed his special officer to accept the memorandum on his behalf.

"I am shocked by Mahfuz's action. It was rude of him to act in such a manner when I had already informed that someone else will accept it (the memorandum) on my behalf," he said.

He also questioned Mahfuz's genuine agenda by storming into the hall.

Bashah stressed that it is common practice for a special officer to receive a memorandum on behalf of the Menteri Besar and the state government.