Terengganu a power house, yet no street lights in city centre

Adrian David

KUALA TERENGGANU: Terengganu is the main supplier of electrical power to the peninsular and yet there are lack for street lights at the east coast city’s capital centre. Residents are irked at the lack of street lights and many are puzzled as to why street lights near the new commercial complex in Ladang here and along the city’s main street in Jalan Sultan Ismail have not been functioning for several years now. They said it did not augur well for ‘Visit Beautiful Terengganu Year’ campaign, let alone reflect poorly on the local authority. “Poor street lighting in the city centre reflects badly on the state administration and will drive away tourists and the general public from patronising business outlets. “This in turn will cause loss in revenue for the state’s coffers,” said a concerned businessman, Ahmad Rauf Mohamad. He added that Terengganu boasted of two major power stations in the country - the Sultan Ismail gas turbine facility in Paka and the Sultan Mahmud hydro-electric one in Tasik Kenyir. The Paka facility is the largest gas turbine power station in Malaysia and can generate 1,136 mega-watts of power, while the Kenyir station has an output of 165 mega-watts. In response, Kuala Terengganu City Council mayor Samiun Salleh said that the street lights at Ladang did not function following the theft of electrical cables by vandals. “The cost to replace the cables is high and we will request for financial allocation from the state secretariat,” he said. As for the street lights along Jalan Sultan Ismail, he said the Public Works Department was taking appropriate action to get them working. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd