Terrence Howard scaring the crap out of his fans will make you cry from laughter

Empire star Terrence Howard wanted to thank some of his biggest fans for their support, but first he wanted to scare the crap out of them. These fans thought they had won a Famecation, the chance to meet Howard and spend an evening at his estate in New Orleans. Instead, they got the scariest night of their lives. Everyone they met were actors, from the other “contest winners” to the “guides.”

One of the Terrence Howard superfans was Alesia. Before going to Howard’s estate, Alesia and the group participated in was supposed to be an “authentic New Orleans experience.” It appeared to be — to Alesia anyway — a voodoo ceremony in which she was expected to drink blood. When she refused, all hell broke loose. Once they got out of there, Alesia finally got to meet Howard. But ghostly shenanigans began to occur, and Howard pretended to beat up one of the actors pretending to be possessed. When he finally revealed the prank to Alesia, she said, “Terrence, you’re gonna make me have to beat you up.” Howard then thanked her for being a fan.

Two other fans, Shane and Dawn, were put in a different scary situation. They were made to believe they were being stalked by a swamp monster called the Rougarou. The fans and actors pretending to be fans were all stuck in a gazebo and all they could see was a shadow of the Rougarou as it passed by or attacked some of the crew. One of the actors was even pulled through a wall. Shane and Dawn were sufficiently freaked out when Howard told Shane over the walkie that he’d been “spooked.” Shane responded, “I’m gonna kill you! I’m gonna kill you!” Howard then revealed himself to Shane and Dawn and thanked them for being fans.

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