Terry Crews Tripping On Spicy Wings Is Hilarious Yet Painful To Watch

Terry Crewssurvived theNFLand admits he beat the odds to become a TV star.

But fast food almost undid the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor when he began hallucinating on spicy wings while recording a segment for YouTube channel “First We Feast.”

The 49-year-old former linebacker happily answered host Sean Evans’ questions about his career, parenthood, fitness regime and motivation — while chowing down on increasingly hot wings.

It all began to go downhill, however, after Crews ate a wing soaked in sauce with around 100,000Scoville heat units, around 10 times hotter than jalapeños.

“My voice is changing, you’re turning into three people man,” said Crews.

“Why can’t I open my eyes?” he asked after eating the final wing.

“Oh man, dude, why did I sign up for this man, what the hell?” he added. “Am I here? I feel like Steve Jobs in the ’70s. I’m about to come up with a crazy app after this.”

See how Crews fared in the full segment above.

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