Tesla Model 3 loses its glass roof in convertible conversion you can buy

Zac Palmer
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Perhaps you’re one of the (surely many) folks who look out their Tesla Model 3 glass roofs and want more. You don’t just want to see the sky above; you want to feel it, too. Well, look no further, as Newport Convertible Engineering has the Tesla Model 3 convertible conversion for you.

Looking for details and assurances? We have a few direct from NCE. It takes the company about 2-3 months to complete the conversion. NCE strips the interior, restructures, reinforces and cuts the body, adds the convertible structure and then finally tests it for water leakage. The basic conversion with a manual-folding top is $29,500, according to information obtained by Motor Trend. If you want a power top, it’ll be $39,500. We've since confirmed both figures. From the looks of it, NCE removes the roof, but keeps the B-pillars in place, connecting them with a roll hoop of sorts. The company typically adds chassis reinforcements to its other convertible conversion projects, and it’s done the same for the Model 3. NCE has been at this for a while — they've been working conversions for 37 years now. The California-based company will build and distribute this Model 3 anywhere in the world, too.

From a looks perspective, the car presents itself respectably (if slightly awkward) with the top down. It’s a different story with the top up, though. The hatchback shape is cut off as the roof angles sharply downward before joining with the trunk. It’s not pleasing to the eye in any way, and the way that the soft top fabric encroaches downward onto the bodywork and paint makes it look unfinished. 

Converting any car to a convertible that wasn’t initially designed that way often forces compromises to be made, some less elegant than others. The Model 3 definitely fell prey to this issue with NCE’s conversion. But, as we look around, what other four-door electric convertible are you going to buy?

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