TEST DRIVE: 2018 Nissan X-Trail 4×4 – X Marks the Spot

Ruben Manahan IV

‘X’ could denote the negative. It could mean that one is in trouble, gave out a wrong answer, or a false claim. In math, the the term has to be identified to get the proper equation. In people, ‘X’ usually refers to the person you once had a relationship with which did not work well in the end.

But not all everything related to ‘X’ is negative. For one, receiving a ‘negative’ result when tested for prohibited drugs or a deadly disease is something to be celebrated about.

Nissan’s ‘X’ is far different from what was mentioned above. Nissan’s X-Trail 4×4 was like a treasure chest waiting to be discovered. 

Unlike the ones we’ve read, watched, or heard, this treasure trove of a compact crossover is not buried deep in the ground. In fact, Nissan wants everyone to discover its gem.

And it is really a gem. From the outside, the X-Trail 4×4 shows exquisite beauty. Like a perfectly-cut diamond, the compact crossover has cuts that perfectly blends with its overall look.

The lines, however, did not water down the muscular look of the Nissan X-Trail 4×4. The big, bold emblem complemented the diamond-shaped LED projector headlamps, and the overall Premium Corona Orange exterior hue (available in the top-tier variety).

The interior shows how the troika of the black plastic, leather, and piano-key elements add a comforting and luxurious feel to the cabin. The added sunroof gives the vehicle more radiance and dazzle.

2018 Nissan X-Trail 4x4

The flexibility of the undersized third row makes an ample compartment for almost anything–add to that the second-row seats that drop down and you get even more cargo space.

Going back to comfort, occupants can enjoy some 12 bottle holders seen all over the unit–four in the front, another four in the middle, and two at the back.

The leather seats matches well with the black carpet, meaning dirt and mud can easily be spotted and cleaned. Though it can be a problem during the hot season, we’d pick leather over cloth seats any day.

2018 Nissan X-Trail 4x4

And the vehicle is not just pure aesthetics. The muscular exterior matches the performance that it delivers. The 2.5-liter QR25DE engine mated to CVT with a 4×4 function can deliver 169 horses and 233 Nm of torque.

This vehicle has its own intelligent features. This variant has a 360-degree view with motion detection, forward collision warning system, forward emergency braking, and hill descent control that is not available in the 4×2 kind.

Good thing is, the Nissan X-Trail 4×4 doesn’t drone and rattle that much the way a diesel-fed vehicles does. Quiet as it is, this crossover guzzles gasoline like a hungry baby. Beauty–as well as comfort and power–does come with a price for the Nissan X-Trail 4×4.

As a compact crossover, space is a little generous though the height for this 4×4 looks a little low to be a real 4×4. Well, a little enhancement through the aftermarket would not hurt, compared to the bargain you had with the X-Trail.

The X in this 4×4 has been defined with its offers, breaking the norms of how we depict the character. With the X-Trail 4×4, it would hit the sweet spot. 

2018 Nissan X-Trail 4x4