Thai media group's Asean Channel goes on air

News Desk in Bangkok/The Nation
Asia News Network

Bangkok (The Nation/ANN) - SEA Channel, a new English-language news service of the Nation Multimedia Group in Thailand, will debut on Monday, offering stories from the 10 Asean countries with an emphasis on economic developments and business opportunities.

The channel will be the first Thai broadcaster to offer comprehensive coverage of what is considered to be the world's fastest-growing region.

It will initially be aired as part of Krungthep Turakij TV, Thailand's leading business television channel, which has been on air since September. SEA Channel will eventually become a full-fledged satellite channel on its own.

SEA Channel's launch coincides with the launch of the Asean Economic Community in 2015.

The Bangkok-based TV service will initially concentrate on countries in the Mekong region - Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam as well as southern China, which have strong economic links with the region.

"SEA Channel aims to be a leading voice for Southeast Asia by offering comprehensive news reports and in-depth programmes that reflect the changes and dynamism of the Asean countries," said Nation Group editor-in-chief Thepchai Yong.

SEA Channel is run by the Nation Group's veteran editors and journalists, who have long experience in regional affairs. They will be supported by a large pool of economic, business and financial analysts from other Asean countries. "Its journalists and affiliates in Asean capitals will bring to the viewers not only the daily happenings but also stories that inspire and affect the daily lives of their people. All developments will be reflected with insight and Asian perspectives," Thepchai said.

SEA Channel will also draw on the strength of the Asia News Network, whose members comprise more than 20 leading daily newspapers in the region. The Nation is a founding member of the network.

Programmes airing Monday through Friday include "Good Morning Asean" from Monday to Friday, looks at the latest happenings in the region. "Top of the World" provides an in-depth look at the global economic and monetary issues while "Think Asean" focuses on cultural and business points of view on the Asean ways of life. And "Asean Business Report" will focus on the major business, economic and financial issues of the day.