Thailand’s national papers engages iSnap’s augmented reality capabilities to bring news to life

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iSnap augmented reality

iSnap helps being Thailand’s major newspaper to live with augmented reality capabilities.

Thailand’s Nation Multimedia Group’s three national newspapers namely The Nation, Kom Chad Luek and Krungthep Turakij have adapted the iSnap multimedia augmented reality (AR) capability. iSnap is developed by Singapore-based Knorex Pte and has penetrated the mobile market by enabling readers to watch video, browse through photos and graphics, play game, engage in social media communication and interactive advertising.

With iSnap, people can read newspapers through smart phones on their iPhone and Android ‘Nation News’ app from February 4 and Nation News currently has a download base of 208,000 and that number is expected to grow. In order for users to use this app, they need to download the “Nation News” app then choose the iSnap feature. This turns on the camera and then users can snap stories on newspapers marked with “iSnap” logo. After that, it will reproduce the stories with different formats. Not only readers will benefit from this service but the publishers as well by increasing the value of newspaper advertising as it is now more interesting and interactive.

With iSnap, users are able to engage with up-to-date news as it is a complete real time augmented reality. According to Director of Knorex Pte, Justin Tan, this technology was developed to help traditional publishing industry to get the most out of digital world.

How does iSnap work? It basically helps to bring news stories in newspapers to live with various multimedia features. With augmented reality, these newspapers provide news stories through video clips, news photo galleries, animated infographics as well as the original sound of the story-all via the printed paper. Readers are now informed of news by watching and listening to these stories via the mobile devices which are now on both iOS and Android platforms. Malaysian-born Tan also says that people today consume a lot of information but from different channels. Instead of absorbing news from conventional ways, they get their daily news through tablets and smart phones.

Currently, the iSnap feature is being launched with leading newspapers throughout Asia including The Star (in Malaysia), Eleven Media (in Myanmar), Philippine Daily Inquirer, China Daily Asia Weekly, The Edge, Singapore, Kompas and The Jakarta Post, and Thailand’s Nation Group daily newspapers, said The Nation president Pana Janviroj.

Source : Nation Multimedia 

Image Credits : The Star

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