Thailand pushes forward with education on Cloud with Microsoft

Winnie Nelson
Microsoft cloud education in Thailand

Cloud for education is gaining popularity in Thailand.

Nowadays, cloud service isn’t just for storing documents alone. Cloud for education is slowly on the rise as it is now catching up on Thailand’s major educational institutes. The International Graduate Programme in Social and Administrative Pharmacy master’s degree and doctoral degree of Chulalongkorn University has been reported to join the club as they now allow graduate students to participate in distance education through the e-learning system powered by Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 was introduced in Thailand during late June last year. Such revolutionary learning experience creates an interesting learning environment for the students. According to Sathitpong Thanaviriyakul, programme director of the Graduate Programme in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, there are currently 20 out of 30 students of this programme who are studying via the e-learning programme.

Microsoft 365 for education delivers Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. With such service, two-way interaction occurs instantaneously between students and teachers. Education lead of Microsoft Thailand, Songtham Limwanich says that there are a few educational institutes that are embracing this service such as Chulalongkorn, Sripathum, The University of the Thai Chamber Commerce, and Naresuan University. There are currently about 12 universities in Thailand that are using Microsoft Office 365 for distance learning. Apparently, cloud for education isn’t a stranger in Thailand as Microsoft had launched it under the name of Live@Edu program three to four years ago. That program has about 1.5 million user accounts across 50 educational institutes, varying from primary schools, secondary schools and university levels. Live@Edu will be on cloud with Microsoft Office 365 by the end of this year.

Using cloud for education allows students and educators to conduct classes even if they are abroad. Studying from a distance is now made easy with this e-learning system which sees many useful features such as recording videos of communication on Lync Online to be kept on SharePoint Online and using the cloud service for meetings. Many have agreed on the positive use of such service and it is hoped that by the end of this year, there will be about 50 universities using it.

Source : The Nation

Image Credits : Niit Pathankot

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