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The Amazon Echo Show 5 drops to $50 for Prime Day 2024

Amazon marked down the smart display just $10 more than its record-low price for Prime Day.

Amazon / Engadget

Amazon Prime Day is finally here, and you can score excellent discounts on most of Amazon's own devices. One deal of note is on the Echo Show 5, which you can snag for only $50 right now. That's just a few dollars more than its previous record-low price. The Echo Show 8 is also on sale for $85, which is a new record low.

The Echo Show 5 easily made our list of the best smart displays, for a great many reasons. The 5.5-inch screen is diminutive, especially when compared to the Echo Show 8, but that just makes it fit better on a desk or nightstand. To that end, it doubles as a fantastic alarm clock. The ambient alarm light sensor adjusts the screen’s brightness automatically, which is a nice way to wake up, and the tap-to-snooze function allows for a few more minutes (or hours) of precious sleep.

This is just $10 over the record-low price. 

$50 at Amazon

There’s a camera, which is great for simple video calls but does bring some privacy concerns. Amazon ships this display with a physical camera cover to solve that issue. Just pop on the cover when you aren’t actually using the camera.

This isn’t a perfect smart display, though it’s a great one for the price. The main downside with the Echo Show 5 is that the speakers are not as powerful as those found with larger smart displays. This isn’t a dealbreaker. It’s still plenty loud, but you probably won’t use it to power a dance party.

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