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The Apple Watch Ultra is 8 percent off right now

The watch is going for $732 on Amazon.


The original Apple Watch Ultra’s price has dipped on Amazon just shortly after the release of the second generation during Apple's September 12th "Wonderlust" event. You can now snag the older model Ultra for $732, down eight percent from its original price tag of $799.

While the deal is only applicable to the medium-sized (for 145-190mm wrists) green alpine loop, it's worth considering. The corrosion-resistant titanium case and this specific model’s rugged look may be ideal for an outdoor enthusiast who likes to get their hands dirty. It may even be a good time to start thinking ahead to gifts for the holidays.

The original Apple Watch Ultra is eight percent off on Amazon right now.

$795 at Amazon
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$800 at Target$595 at Daily Steals

If you're an iPhone user, the Apple Watch Ultra offers some pretty compelling perks that make it an ideal companion for outdoorsy wearers. But Apple didn’t just design the Ultra for hikers and swimmers — its advanced metrics in the workout app, which includes heart rate zone and “running form" monitoring, make it a solid choice for anyone looking to track or improve their workout regimen.

The new Apple Watch Ultra 2 will go on sale for $799 in just two days, however. And the newer, more expensive iteration will run with the help of the company’s S9 chip, which will enable the new “double tap” feature, among other improvements. So if you're keen on the new updates, this deal may not be right for you. But for those looking for a solid smartwatch at a somewhat reduced price (or a very generous gift for a loved one) the Apple Watch Ultra is a more than serviceable option.

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